18 October 2013

Mission Accomplished at the... (Source of the Pruth - 4120 km)

(Carpathian Biosphere Reserve, 17.10.2013 - 18.10.2013) Mission accomplished! I've succeeded to backtrack the Pruth River from its outlet in Galați to its source at the foot of the Hoverla, at an elevation of 2,061 m, the highest mountain in Ukraine. Time for a shift in direction and a photo series in the proper sequence from the source down to the outlet!

Source of the Pruth River near Hoverla Mountain

Pruth at Vorokhta

Swing Bridge over Pruth River near Tatariv

Ruined Pruth Bridge near Mykulychyn

Three Parallel Pruth Bridges at Yaremche

Pruth Bridge near Snyatyn

Pruth Bridge Dubivtsi - Hlynytsya

Heavy Fog over Pruth River near Bila

Chernivtsi Bypass Southeast of Czernowitz to Mahala

Converted Bridge Project near Marshyntsi

Pruth Reservoir for the Stânca-Costeşti Dam

Pruth at Ghermăneşti

Pruth North of Border Checkpoint Oancea - Cahul

Pruth South of Border Checkpoint Oancea - Cahul

Confluence of Pruth and Danube in Galați

From european-waterways.eu we learn: "River Pruth comes originally from Ukraine and forms then to the confluence with River Danube the Border River between Romania and Moldova. It's navigable on the last kilometers before the confluence. There are no bigger places along the river further up, neither on Romanian nor on Moldovan side of it. Navigation made therefore no sense. Oh, is that really so? I don't agree with that, but decide by yourselves...


Jerome Schatten said...

Magnificent job Edgar!,

Hardy said...

You did it ,man, you did it,
You can be proud

Sylvie Reicher Gsell said...

Dear Edgar,
Wonderful pictures !
Take care