12 July 2012

Where on Earth is... (Horodnic de Sus - 3534 km)

(Horodnic de Sus, 08.07.2012 - 10.07.2012) You will ask quite rightly: Where on earth is Horodnic de Sus? My iPad is suggesting a location failure and a lady from Radautz remembers having been there once, but unintenionally - she missed to get off the train in Radautz. It's not fair, Horodnic de Sus is not as black as it is painted. I'm confident, the ASF volunteers, who were cleaning the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery and who spent a visit to Southern Bukovina on the weekend, will agree.

Bruno, Renate, Eduard, Wiesia, Kate, Georg, Martin, Tetyana, Klaus, myself (f.r.t.l.) and Stepan (photographer) experienced Bukovinian hospitality at Mitica's sheep farm and dairy.

The result, mămăligă with different sheep cheeses, baked mămăligă balls filled by sheep and/or goat cheese, tomatoes and cucumbers, looks quite tasty, doesn't it?

For these seven volunteers, out of fifteen in total, it made a welcome change from ten days of exhausting, but very effevtive work on the cemetery.

The ASF volunteers did a fabulous job, especially considering the adverse weather conditions, i. e. no single day without temperatures exceeding 30 °C (86 °F).

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