23 September 2013

On the Road again, Riding from Rheinberg to... (Passau - 698 km)

(Passau, 22.09.2013 - 23.09.2013) I am on the road again, bound for Bukovina, not directly, but alert-eyes on Czernowitz/Bukovina related items. So please "stay tuned" for my travel log!

First stop in Passau, Free State of Bavaria, conservative, sedate, picturesque. Election day is payday! Angela Merkel and the Christian Democrats CDU/CSU celebrate an outstanding electoral victory, but their liberal coalition partner, the Free Democratic Party FDP had to pay for client politics for the benefit of higher earners - the consequence, an election blow and out of the German Bundestag! No sympathy, and therefore time for a walk through Passau, discovering a wrought iron gate.

A foretaste of what is to come? Do you remember the banisters inside of the Jewish House in Czernowitz with the Stars of David cut?

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