29 October 2013

Photo Finish and Balance Sheet in... (Rheinberg - 6344 km)

Distance: 6,344 kilometers = 3,942 miles
Travel period: 22.09.2013 - 25.10.2013 = 33 days
Difference in temperature: 0°C = 32°F (Brașov) / 22°C = 72°F (Berlin)
Photos: more than 1,500
Traffic tickets: none
Bakshish: affordable
Travel expenses: Don't ask!
Personal meetings: innumerable
Experiences: priceless
Fun factor and risk of repetition: extremely high
Stages (20 = 6,344 km = 33 days)

On the Road again, Riding from Rheinberg to... (Passau - 698 km)
½ Czernowitzer & ½ Czernowitzer in... (Vienna - 961 km)
The Difficulties in Photographing the New Synagogue in... (Szeged - 1367 km)
The Cinemagogue of Czernowitz and the Synagobar of... (Deva - 1629 km)
Thanksgiving in Doubtful Neighborhood in... (Brașov - 1887 km)
White Scenery in Brașov and Orange Code in... (Bucharest - 2107 km)
Seven Good Reasons to Visit... (Galați & Brăila - 2654 km)
Up the Pruth River to... (Iași - 3168 km)
Temple for Sale en Route from Iaşi to... (Sucevița - 3558 km)
Eight Soviet Bus Stops + Two Lenins between Mamaliga and... (Czernowitz - 3854 km)
Autumnal Colors in... (Nyzhni Stanivtsi - 3933 km)
Meet the Wild East and Bronislav Tutelman in... (Czernowitz - 3939 km)
Toynbee Hall, a Jewish Educational Institution, Erected a Century Ago in... (Czernowitz - 3949 km)
Mission Accomplished at the... (Source of the Pruth - 4120 km)
You Better Steer Clear of Nadvirna en Route to... (Ivano-Frankivsk - 4223 km)
The Difference between Nadvirna and Berezhany en Route to... (L'viv - 4412 km)
Auschwitz, Seventy Kilometers West of... (Kraków - 4745 km)
The Forgotten Honorary Citizen of Czernowitz from... (Cieszyn - 4875 km)
Meeting Friends in... (Prague - 5291 km)
As Slow As Possible on the Way Home from... (Berlin - 5650 km)

Photographic Afterthought (20 stages = 20 photos)

Mural Art in Vienna
Jewish Mural Art in Szeged

Still Life at the Jewish Cemetery of Deva
Still Life at the Jewish Cemetery of Galați
Still Life at the Jewish Cemetery of Brăila
Back Yard in Brăila
Greek Orthodox Church in Brăila
Heaven and Earth in Iași
Heaven and Earth in Rădăuți
"Taltschok" (Flea Market) in Czernowitz
Shopping in Bukovina
Street Market in Bukovina
Cosmin Central
By Motorcycle Alongside the Pruth
Hitchhiker Alongside the Pruth
Night Work in Czernowitz
Field Trip to Yaremche
Ten Ladies at the Farmer Market in Vorokhta
En Route from Berezhany to Lemberg
Lemberg Panorama

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