08 August 2014

Let's Take a Seat in... (Czernowitz - 2226 km)

(Czernowitz, 02.08.2014 - 08.08.2014) Bright sun and opressive heat in Czernowitz! Reasons enough for many locals to look for a shady spot in a backyard or in front of a house entrance, but at the same time an excellent opportunity for an extensive photo shooting. I took about 575 photos of Czernowitz, most of them in scenic backyards, out of which I'm presenting to you - as an appetizer - 18 photos under the slogan "Let's take a seat in Czernowitz!"; more photos to come upon my return back home at the beginning of September!


Corinne Schimmer - Caen - France said...

Beautiful photos from warm Czernowitz! Exactly what we need
in rainy Normandy. But the weather is not the only reason
I would like to be there!
Thank you very much for such wonderful photos!

Marion said...

Thank you ever so much for these photos, dear Edgar: so much life in empty seats. So much truth in magic places. So much love in the eye of the photographer.

Sylvie Reicher Gsell said...

Dear Edgar,
I hope to be there next year !

Friedrich Ortwein said...

Magisch, empathisch ... einfach grandios.