03 August 2014

John Cage, Paul Celan, John Felstiner and Edgar Hauster in... (Halberstadt - 423 km)

(Halberstadt, 22.07.2014 - 23.07.2014) The St. Burchardi church in Halberstadt  the first stage of my motorcycle journey to Poland, Ukraine and Romania, is offering the auditorium for the slowest and longest music performance in the world, on which I reported in October 2013: As Slow As Possible on the Way Home from...

It's true, last year I just missed "the ceremonious 13th not change in the hyperdurational sounding of John Cage's Organ2/ASLSP", as I learned from the Official blog of the John Cage TrustHowever, that's quite immaterial for a musical piece scheduled to have a duration of still 626 years, ending in 2640; the next note change will be as early as 2020.

Fascinated by the Organ2/ASLSP Art Project, I became a supporter and secured the "sound year" 2557, just in time for my 600th birthday on September 1st. Hence, 135 years away from John Cage, a few lines from the poem Corona by Paul Celan  translated by John Felstiner and sponsored by Edgar Hauster are now eternalized in steel in the St. Burchardi Church.

Don't miss the opportunity to join John Cage, Paul Celan, John Felstiner and me in Halberstadt, but hurry up: just 228703 days, 7623 months, 626 years to go!

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