25 August 2014

Photo & Video Finish and Balance Sheet in... (Rheinberg - 6257 km)

Marinel & Vasile from Clejani, the home of the sensational Taraf de Haïdouks

Distance: 6,257 kilometers = 3,888 miles
Travel period: 22.07.2014 - 23.08.2014 = 33 days
Difference in temperature: 15°C = 59°F (Nuremberg) / 38°C = 100°F (Mohyliw-Podilskyi)
Photos: more than 2,500
Traffic tickets: € 30.00 = US$ 40.00 (Ukraine)
Major Problem: Puncture in the fuel tank of the motorcycle (brazed in Czernowitz)
Bakshish: affordable
Travel expenses: Don't ask!
Personal meetings: innumerable
Experiences: priceless
Fun factor and risk of repetition: extremely high
Stages (16 = 6,257 km = 33 days)

John Cage, Paul Celan, John Felstiner and Edgar Hauster in Halberstadt - 423 km
Crossing the German-Polish Border in Görlitz/Zgorzelec - 777 km
Routes of Street Art in Kraków - 1199 km
Following in Iuliu Barasch's Footsteps from Kraków to Lemberg - 1608 km
The Goose Podwoloczyska, 26 Miles East of Ternopil - 2045 km
Let's Take a Seat in Czernowitz - 2226 km
Following the Backyard Photographer to the Jewish Quarter of Czernowitz - 2226 km
Crossing First the Pruth and then the Dniester between Otaci and Mohyliv-Podilskyi - 2649 km
The Stone Quarry on the Bug River at 8 Miles from N 48°40' E 29°15' and 54 Miles from Uman - 2923 km
Pay Attention to the Details at the Jewish Cemetery of Odessa - 3478 km
Reencounter with the Pruth River in Galați - 3812 km

I Came Too Late for the Flash Mob on the Council Square in Brașov - 4170 km
The Big Backyard Contest Between Czernowitz and Sibiu - 4339 km
One Day and One Night Intermezzo in Timișoara - 4638 km
On August 20, 2014 Both Tom Cruise and I Arrived in Vienna - 5211 km
The More Fortunate Relative of the Czernowitz Theater in Close Vicinity to Nuremberg - 5742 km

Photographic Afterthought

Backyard Idyll in Halberstadt
The Monk at the Jewish Cemetery of Chortkiv
Pipe Art in Chortkiv, the Birthplace of Karl Emil Franzos
The Ukrtelecom Radio Mast at the Top of the Cecina
Contemplating on Herrengasse in Czernowitz
Their Master's Voice on Springbrunnengasse in Czernowitz
Postmodernism in Red in Czernowitz
Lady in Red in Czernowitz
Massive Support at the Jewish Cemetery of Stara Zhadova
Slash-and-Burn in Ukraine
Odessa Naval Base
Odessa Commercial Port
Safety First in Odessa and Ukraine
The Future is Solar!
At the Jewish Cemetery of Galați
Mural Art in Galați
Famous Roof Eyes in the Old Town of Sibiu
Operational Electric Art in Sibiu
Staircase Art in Sibiu

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Simon said...

Tolle Reise, wunderschöne Dokumentation - da packt einen das Fernweh!