18 August 2014

Reencounter with the Pruth River in... (Galați - 3812 km)

(Galați, 15.08.2014 - 16.08.2014) Riding west from Odessa in Ukraine to Galați in Romania, you'll have to enter the territory of the Republic of Moldova twice, resulting in double border crossing procedures, quite nerve-racking, specially at 36 °C = 97 °F, but there are much more road blocks to break through,




in order to finally meet the Pruth River again, first on this side of the frontier, i. e. in the Republic of Moldova

and then on the other side of the frontier, i. e. in Romania, at the confluence with the Danube,

at the same time an excellent opportunity to re-promote my Pruth Journey 2013 video:

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Anonymous said...

Absolutely wonderful, Edgar - thank you, thank you!!!