19 June 2015

The Differences in Commemorative Cultures in... (Vinnytsia - 2280 km)

(Vinnytsia, 17.06.2015 - 18.06.2015) It's yet again a Czernowitzer, Vladimir Borzhemskiy, the Executive Director of "Hesed-Emuna" Charitable Jewish Center, who pointed me in the right direction to the still working two synagogues in town as well as to the old Jewish cemetery.

The old Jewish cemetery, or rather what remained of it, has been evidenced by the U.S. Commission for the Preservation of America's Heritage Abroad and there are indications of an ongoing reconstruction project, presumably financed by American, British and Ukrainian funds.

For locating the World War II Remembrance Monument in the heart of town I didn't need assistance; it sticks out a mile and proves that as a matter of fact there are differences between the commemorative cultures.

Vinnytsia has to deal with so many atrocities such as the Vinnytsia Massacre by the NKVD during Joseph Stalin's Great Purge in 1937-1938 as well as the killing of as high as 28,000 Jews by Einsatzgruppen C and D during World War II.

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