13 July 2015

Meeting Friends in... (Suceava - 6015 km)

(Suceava, 11.07.2015 - 12.07.2015) Meeting Sidi Bărbieru and Bondy Stenzler in Bukovina feels like coming home in the midst of a family I have chosen for myself.

It was an outstanding and inspiring evening with Sidi and Bondy in Suceava and we experienced once again, that fortunately there is still a real world beyond the virtual one we all tend to get caught up in. It was along the same lines when members of the Facebook group Radautiul vechi in imagini [Old Radautz in Pictures] met in the renovated Radautz Temple a few days ago. Both the video of the visit at the Radautz Temple and our dinner in Suceava were accompanied by the music and the reminiscence of our late friend Dorin Fränkel.

(Suceava, 15.07.2015) Even more friends from far and wide, i. e. (f.l.t.r.) Dr. Janina Ilie, Sidi Bărbieru, Bondy Stenzler, Anna Yamchuk, Edgar Hauster, Mykola Kuschnir, came in Suceava for a start-up meeting together.

Despite the current level of Ukrainian-Romanian relations, which cannot be considered as satisfactory, the launch of the cooperation between the Federation of the Jewish Communities in Romania (FCER) and the Chernivtsi Museum of the History and Culture of Bukovinian Jews is promising and unbureaucratically they've got a specific project off the ground. Just great, we are looking forward to it!

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Bondy Stenzler said...

It is clear that we have felt the same feelings and thoughts and look forward to next meeting