09 July 2015

Souvenirs from Nesebar, North-East of... (Burgas - 4824 km)

(Burgas, 05.07.2015 - 06.07.2015) From the bird's-eye perspective, Nesebar, according to Wikipedia "one of the most prominent tourist destinations and seaports on the Black Sea", bearing "evidence of occupation by a variety of different civilisations over the course of its existence", looks great.

One level further down, i. e. on ground, we encounter a very popular tourist destination with its typical souvenir shops.

But only an in-depth look into the product line of several of these souvenir shops leads to an interesting analysis: About 60 % of the offered medals, pins, badges, etc. are Nazi/SS-minded, followed by 30 % Soviet stuff, the remaining 10 % covering a wide political range from the French order Pour le Mérite to European Union pins.

Antique militaria? No, not at all, brandnew replica, cheap kitsch, mainly "Made in Poland" and legally offered in Bulgaria. But besides the Polish producers and the Bulgarian traders, there is no offer without demand. Just who the heck are the customers?

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