22 July 2015

Zigzag Ride to... (Vatra Dornei - 6815 km)

(Vatra Dornei, 21.07.2015 - 22.07.2015) Cruising from Czernowitz to Vatra Dornei, the road leads across the Ciumarna Mountain Pass located in the Romanian Carpathians between Sucevița and Moldovița. The pass is traversed at an elevation of 1109 m above the sea level by the asphalted DN17A.

I was very lucky that Gabriel Coșoreanu, a biker fellow from Bucharest, equipped by a motorbike-mounted action cam, followed me through the zigzag course for a while.

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Bruce R said...

Edgar - You look great! Glad to follow your blog posts, and anxious (as always) for the next. Bruce