31 July 2016

Riding Across Southern Bukovina from and to Suceava (3060 km)

(Suceava, 30.07.2016 - 31.07.2016) Let me visualize some snapshots from my motorcycle rides across Southern Bukovina by one of my latest acquisitions from "Adrian's Maginificent Chaos", i. e. the "School Map of the Duchy of Bukovina for the Year 1897":

Well, don't worry, the markers on the map are only virtual, the map itself is still suitable for exhibitions.

1. On the national road DN18 down from the Prislop Pass to Iacobeni/Mestecăniș, you always have to expect assertive road users.

2. Dr. Traian Popovici's headstone in Colacu got an immediate neighbor, Raisa Kelner's (née Weinstein) memorial stone, erected by Raisa and her husband a few months ago. Raisa, born in 1937, grew up in Czernowitz and she lost two of her brothers in Transnistria; they perished during the deportation, no grave, no headstone, no sign whatsoever is reminiscent of them. But Raisa and her mother survived due to the life-saving intervention of Dr. Traian Popovici. Raisa lives in Munich, exactly in the building complex, where on 22.07.2016 the Munich Shooting took place. Ten people, including the perpetrator, were killed and 35 others were injured.

3. The slogan on the back of this carriage leaving Rădăuți southeastwards reads "Romania Go!" - not quite the easiest task with not more than one asspower (AP)!

4. Sheep flocks throughout Bukovina, as for instance here alongside the national road DN17 from Suceava to Câmpulung Moldovenesc, give a guarantee for excellent cheese specialities, an integral part of the Bukovinian cuisine.

5. This view on the mountains from the national road DN17A up to the Ciumârna/Palma Pass is spectacular, but the thunderclouds were spectacular too and, believe me or not, the following deluge remains unforgettable as a - hopefully - unique experience!

6. It's Sunday morning in Brodina on the Romanian/Ukrainian border, time to suit up Sunday best and to attend the service; if the church is crowded - and it really is - then an open air standing place is okay too. By the way, in Brodina lives Jeanette Klipper, the very last Jew in Bukovina west of Rădăuți.


Marion said...

ever so lovely impressions!

Friedrich J. Ortwein said...

Hello Edgar,
how did you and your bike overcome that pothole road DN18 to Prislop Pass?

Mermommy said...

Beautiful photos- thank you