03 June 2017

The Ambiguous Reputation of Kitzbühel (915 km)

(Kitzbühel, 31.05.2017 - 02.06.2017) Kitzbuehel Tourism states as follows: "Kitzbuehel Hahnenkamm hosts ski races, snow polo, triathlon and tennis trophy. The city's heart beats loud and strong. Kitzbuehel, the sports capital in the heart of the Alps, combines tradition and lifestyle as charming as any other city. The city is famous not only the unique charm, but also the energy of the city as well as the sporty top hotel industry and catering alike and makes Kitzbuehel the celebrity hot spot in the Alps."

Tyrolean lifestyle, tranquility and wealth, as far as the eye can reach; even dummies are golden and down spouts copper. But googling "Kitzbühel + Jews" leads to another side of this coin. From the most insightful article "Anti-Semitism & Tourism in Austria: Jews in Austria's 19th Century Spa Towns" we learn that the predecessor organization of Kitzbuehel Tourism created as early as 1897 a brand new form of Anti-Semitism, the so-called "Sommerfrischen-Antisemitismus" [Summer Escape Anti-Semitism], by stamping all its travel brochures by "Requests from Jews will remain disregarded." The same phenomenon is known in Germany as "Bäder-Antisemitismus" [Spa Anti-Semitism] and in the United States as "Resort Anti-Semitism". You live and learn!

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Fred Weisinger said...

I spent some time in Kutzbuhel in 1949
going up the Hanekogel opposite the Grossglockner.
Jews felt they have a right to spend Holiday time,
Sommerfrische in these resort.Marienbad & Karlsbad
in Chehoslovakia were also favoured .