12 June 2017

The "Silk Gypsies" from Bălăușeri and Heavy Rains over Sighișoara (2,771 km)

(Sighișoara, 08.06.2017 - 09.06.2017) All day long heavy rains en route to and over the medieval city of Sighișoara, the seventh stage of my journey.

The puddles on the farmers market of Bălăușeri / Balavásár [Romanian / Hungarian], half an hour's drive northwards from Sighișoara, give proof of these adverse weather conditions.

The vast majority of the market visitors, Hungarian-speaking gypsies, would describe themselves as "silk gypsies". That doesn't refer only to their neat and colorful dresses, but to their mentality which contrasts pleasantly with that one of gypsies from the southern part of Romania and especially from the slums of Ferentari and Rahova around Bucharest. I definitely subscribe to this theory as anyone can conclude from the last photo above!

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Christian Herrmann said...

Beautiful dresses and fabrics! Enjoy your journey, dear Edgar!