25 June 2012

The Two Sides of the Gold Coin in... (Rosia Montana - 1913 km)

(Lupsa, 24.06.2012 - 25.06.2012) Maia Morgenstern, born in Bucharest in a Jewish family in 1962, is probably the most prominent Romanian film and stage actress. Her shocking one minute video clip on YouTube has been viewed more than 440,000 times; several times by me too.

Update: While editing this post, a further disturbing video clip staring Dragos Bucur, Romanian actor and Shooting Stars Award Winner, has been released.

Reasons enough for me, to make a stopover in Rosia Montana, a threatened paradise if and when the gold mining project of Gold Corporation Rosia Montana, a Canadian-Romanian joint venture is going to be implemented.

Promoters (http://en.rmgc.ro/) and adversaries (http://rosiamontana.org/en/) are opposing each other, pointing the pro and con out to the public.

Pro: We are here. Come to the information center in order to understand the mining project Rosia Montana.

Con: Each and every Romanian will get a piece of gold from Rosia Montana.

It is about the future of this teenager, who is wearing a tee, by analogy with both sides of the medal. Is there a golden bridge between environment protection and economic development? I don't know, but I agree that I am partial and I stick with both, Maia Morgenstern and Dragos Bucur.