24 July 2012

Intermezzo in... (Bacău - 5055 km)

(Bacău, 23.07.2012 - 24.07.2012) Having arrived in Bacău, the Romanian city situated in the historical region of Moldavia, I was looking for the Jewish cemetery, but, misleaded by a wrong address information, I reached the Bistrița River. No problem, a scenic shoreland was the reward for additional miles.

A friendly Romany, constructor, scrap dealer, used car dealer, whatsoever dealer, with work experience abroad (Israel, Germany, France, etc.) and foreign language skills, even Hebrew, took me by his 5 series BMW to the right place. However, despite his appreciation for Israel, he apologized for still using the pejorative denotation "jidani" for Jews instead of the correct definition "evrei" - antisemitic Romanian tradition over decades and above all ahistorical: Both, Jews and gypsies perished during the Holocaust in Transnistria and elsewhere!

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