26 July 2012

Jewish Culture Highlights in... (Rădăuți - 5346 km)

(Rădăuți, 24.07.2012 - 26.07.2012) Major Jewish culture events took place in Rădăuți on 25.07.2012 and we are - almost in realtime - close to the action.

Reinauguration of the Great Temple of Rădăuți
Opening of the Jewish Museum of Rădăuți
Symposium "The Jews from Rădăuți"
Opening event for the exhibition "Jewish Life in Southern Bukovina"

Vice Mayor of Rădăuți - Aurel Olărean (Mayor of Rădăuți) - Dr. Aurel Vainer (President FCER) - Igo Koffler (President JC Rădăuți)

Rabbi Rafael Shaffer - Dr. Aurel Vainer (President FCER)

Bondy Stenzler - Dr. Aurel Vainer (President FCER) - Dr. Janina Ilie (Project Manager FCER)

Jewish Museum of Rădăuți realized by Dr. Janina Ilie and located at the Great Temple

Letters of my grandfather, Elias Hauster, adressed to my father, Julius Hauster:
10.06.1946: "...we are suffering from starvation as never before in our life time."
07.04.1947: "...you'll find us, dear Jul., on the same level with cavemen."

Dr. Lya Benjamin, Grande Dame of the Romanian Jewish Community

Exhibition "Jewish Life in Southern Bukovina", created by Dr. Anca Ciuciu

Cantor Iosif Adler

The day of "Jewish Culture Highlights in Rădăuți" from my personal point of view. More on these outstanding events at "Jewish Culture Highlights in Rădăuți - Media Coverage"!

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