08 October 2013

Seven Good Reasons to Visit... (Galați & Brăila - 2654 km)

(Galați & Brăila, 04.10.2013 - 07.10.2013) 1. Have you ever experienced a Mysterious Earthquake Swarm of more than 190 quakes during two weeks, followed by a Moderate Deep Earthquake with a magnitude of 5.5 in Romania? No, then vist Galați!

2. Have you ever been at the confluence of Pruth and Danube at the border triangle Romania - Moldova - Ukraine? No, then throw in Czernowitz a bottle post into the Pruth and it will arrive just here!

3. Have you really appreciated the work done by SVIT and ASF volunteers at the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery? No, then visit the Galați "Jungle" Cemetery - similar area and extension to Czernowitz - and come to value the outstanding achievements of the volunteers!

4. Are you interested in the results of the reconstruction process at the Craftmen's Temple (Templul Meseriașilor)? Yes, then visit Galați and make the pre-post comparison!

5. Have you ever seen, felt, smelt, listened to a Romanian market in the Danube area? No, then leave the Craftsmen's Temple in Galați, cross the road and you are just there!

6. Did you ever fell in love with a city other than Czernowitz? No, go sight-seeing to Brăila and become speechless with admiration of the - decaying - beauty of this bygone Historic City!

7. Can you imagine, that you would still find reminiscences of the Socialist Republic of Romania in Romania's third Post-Communist decade? No, then have a closer look and discover winners and losers of the transition process!

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