04 October 2013

White Scenery in Brașov and Orange Code in... (Bucharest - 2107 km)

(Bucharest, 29.09.2013 - 04.10.2013) Sixth stage of my motorcycle journey: The sudden onset of winter in the Carpathians, accompanied by the coldest begin of October since 1929, require a route diversion to Bucharest, still not a very comfortable place for - two-wheeled - traffic participants.

An imposed, but nevertheless an excellent opportunity to visit friends and to rummage through archives, libraries and antiquarian bookshops, such as Anticariat Unu midtown Bucharest.

I succeeded to acquire a very rare book: The Suffering of the Deportees in Transnistria by Fabius Ornstein, edited by the Association of the Former Deportees to Transnistria immediately after WW2 still in 1945. On Fabius Ornstein's life-saving activity in Transnistria we learn from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency report dated July 26, 1943 as follows:

"Thousands of Jews in Transnistria Have Not Seen Bread for Months, Hundreds Starving
Thousands of Jewish deportees confined in the various ghettos which the Rumanian occupation authorities have established in Transnistria, the Rumanian-administered section of the Russian Ukraine, have not seen any bread for months and the vast majority of them are threatened with starvation unless some assistance is forthcoming soon, according to private advices received here today. In the township of Copaigorod about 2,220 Jews are confined at present, the report discloses. Under the leadership of one of the deportees, Fabius Ornstein, the Jewish community has organized a free kitchen which has so far managed to distribute about 500 meals twice daily. These 'meals,' however, almost always consist of potatoes and nothing else. [...]
Click on the front cover above to download the booklet!

Just three other copies of this - partially illustrated - book are available worldwide, one of them held by the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, the other two by the National Library of Israel in Jerusalem and the Indiana University in Bloomington.

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