12 October 2013

Temple for Sale en Route from Iaşi to... (Sucevița - 3558 km)

(Sucevița, 10.10.2013 - 12.10.2013) Still up the Pruth River from Iaşi northwards, I'm passing through the Pruth Valley in the Botoșani County.

Don't let the bilingual county limit sign mislead you! Just as Bukovina was initially an underdeveloped Crown land in the most easterly part of the former Austro-Hungarian Empire, so this poor northern-easternmost Romanian region is far behind the socio-economic standards in the European Union. The Pruth doesn't care, he constantly flows far away on the horizon.

The poor economic situation in Romania is perhaps one reason, why we encounter in Săveni an exceptional offer: Temple for Sale! The Jewish Community decreased from up to 1,800 members during the interbellum down to 2 in 2012. One of them deceased quite recently, the other one emigrated to "Palestine" as I learned from a friendly neighbor. Now, as its fate is sealed, any biddings for the Săveni Temple from your side?

Crossing the Siret River, I'm finally reaching Bukovina, where not only the weather conditions and the landscape change favorably, but the standard of life and the mentality of people too.

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Marion Tauschwitz said...

Dear Edgar, you are not travelling alone. With heart and eyes and interest I follow your traces. Touching and intelligent all your perceptions. Thank you! Marion

Marla Raucher Osborn said...

Thank you, dear Edgar, from Brno!

As also reported last week by Jewish Heritage Europe:


Warmest regards and hope to see you soon,