13 October 2013

Eight Soviet Bus Stops + Two Lenins between Mamaliga and... (Czernowitz - 3854 km)

(Czernowitz, 12.10.2013 - 13.10.2013) Once we are proceeding on our journey up the Pruth from the northern border triangle Romania - Moldova - Ukraine to Czernowitz, the Pruth is hidden behind barb wire and a death strip. Why, nobody knows, perhaps just out of habit from Soviet times.

As soon as we left the frontier area, we meet again, but still the Pruth is reluctant to show up, except once in Marshyntsi and finally in Czernowitz.

Beyond the frontier protection, there are much more remains from the bygone Soviet times on the road N10 alongside the Pruth between Mamaliga (Mămăligă = Romanian equivalent to Italian Polenta) and Czernowitz.

Make no mistake, that's not filling material at all, Soviet bus stops are capturing my attention for years:

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