01 October 2013

Thanksgiving in Doubtful Neighborhood in... (Brașov - 1887 km)

(Brașov, 28.09.2013 - 29.09.2013) Thanksgiving Day in Brașov on the Council Square, fifth stage of my motorcycle trip still bound for Bukovina. Dutch cheese offered at farmer's market like a welcome address to motorcycle riders from the Netherlands. Nice!

Nobody takes offense at the doubtful neighborhood at 11 Council Square, where, peacefully united under one single roof, we find four different organizations, all of them being more or less compromised:
1. Association of the Former Political Detainees in Romania (AFDPR)
2. Civic Alliance Foundation (AC)
3. Social Democratic Party (PSD) - Governing party, represented by PM Victor Ponta
4. Cultural Association Pro Bassarabia and Bukovina

Nobody - BUT ME - seems to notice, that the logo of the so-called "Cultural Association Pro Bassarabia and Bukovina" shows Greater Romania with its boundry lines before WW2. That's for sure not the most adequate cultural contribution for a non-revisionist Romania within the European Union!

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