25 January 2015

A Winter Journey into the Past to Czernowitz

(Czernowitz, 18.01.2015 - 23.01.2015) As a matter of fact, my short winter trip via Cluj-Napoca to Czernowitz is a journey into the past and it starts at the Czernowitz Regional Archives.

Once again we come across "A Sunken Treasure of Czernowitz", as discovered and reported by us in April 2013. Included in more than one hundred volumes are the census data entry forms for Czernowitz for the years 1869/70, 1880/81, 1890/91 and in part for 1900. In total there are 126 volumes - 33 more than initially stipulated - each containing about 500 large-size double-pages. We are trying to identify new opportunities to recover and to digitize this unique find.

We proceed on our journey into the past, taking a rest in the year 1786/87, only one decade after Bukovina became part of the Austrian Empire. Between 1775-1786 Bukovina was a closed military district, then between 1787-1849 the largest district, Kreis Czernowitz (after its capital Czernowitz) of the Austrian constituent Kingdom of Galicia and Lodomeria.

Were your relatives in Bukovina as early as in 1786/87, what was their occupation, where their residence and were they reliable tax payers? You don't know? Well, perhaps I'll have something for you, since I photographed the entire volume evidencing the Taxation of Jewish Families for the Years 1786/87 - 415 large-size double-pages - to be disclosed in the near future!

Each journey, whether into the past or into the future, ends sooner or later at the cemetery and so does my short winter trip to Czernowitz.

It's perhaps not exactly the right remedy against winter depression, but however, moody photographic impressions on 178 new old photos taken at the Czernowitz Jewish Cemetery are just one click away.

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