10 June 2015

Meeting Friends in... (Berlin - 577 km)

(Berlin, 07.06.2015 - 10.06.2015) Meeting Gabriele and Eduard Weissmann, who - together with their daughter Nadine Weissmann and Gabriele's late mother Ria Gold (Meerbaum) - were among the protagonists in Volker Koepp's documentary "Dieses Jahr in Czernowitz" [This Year in Czernowitz].

And beyond that? Visiting Memorial Gleis 17 - Berlin GrunewaldAs from October 1941 about 55,000 Jews were abducted from their homes and driven through the public and the roads of Berlin to the stations Pulitzstrasse, Anhalter Bahnhof and Grunewald. They were deported e.g. to the concentration camps of Theresienstadt, Riga, Lodz and later directly to the death camp of Auschwitz where they were murdered.

Every month from October 1941 to March 1945 humans stood on track 17 (in German Gleis 17) of the station Grunewald in order to begin their journey into death.

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