15 June 2015

Meeting Friends in... (Lemberg/Lviv - 1873 km)

(Lemberg/Lviv, 13.06.2015 - 16.06.2015) Meeting Sylvia de Swaan and Christian Herrmann in Lemberg following their journey to Galicia, Transnistria (Governorate) and Bukovina, as reported at Christian's "Vanished World" during the last two weeks.

What did we predict, dear Sylvia? Do you remember! If you are not going to finish your cognac, we'll get nasty weather. Voilà!

No problem at all, after the tropical heat during the last few days, people and nature could finally take a deep breath. Excellent conditions for proceeding my ride E/SE-bound after getting the (reporter) baton from you. Keep your fingers crossed, the adventurous stages are still to come!

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Bruce Reisch said...

I am -so- looking forward to following your journey. So nice of you to take us along! Now you've met Sylvia. Next it'll be my turn to enjoy a visit with her. She lives two hours away; we have no excuse.