22 June 2017

Photo Finish and Balance Sheet in Rheinberg (5,066 km)

Distance: 5,066 kilometers = 3,148 miles
Travel period: 30.05.2017 - 16.06.2017 = 18 days
Difference in temperature: 13°C = 55°F (Kitzbühel) / 34°C = 93°F (Budapest)
Photos: about 1,000
Traffic tickets: none
Bike trouble: gear failure caused by hydraulic oil leak and indicator malfunction
Bakshish: none
Travel expenses: affordable
Personal meetings: innumerable
Experiences: priceless
Fun factor and risk of repetition: extremely high

Stages (12 = 5,066 km = 18 days)

A Side Trip to Friedrich Schiller and Paul Celan Starting from the Golden City of Pforzheim (407 km)
The Ambiguous Reputation of Kitzbühel (915 km)
Modern Architecture between Deep Clouds and Floodwaters in Graz (1,262 km)
The Splendor of the Jewish Community of Kecskemét (1,665 km)
Meeting Friedrich Schiller Again in Sibiu (2,140 km)
Back to School in Bucharest (2,434 km)
The "Silk Gypsies" from Bălăușeri and Heavy Rains over Sighișoara (2,771 km)
Meeting a Friend and a World Star in Cluj-Napoca (2.930 km)
The Fair of Scythes en Route to Budapest (3,688 km)
There's Music in the Air in Vienna (3,995 km)
Court Room 600 in Nuremberg (4,555 km)

Photographic Supplement

Heaven-Assailing in Kitzbühel
Heaven-Assailing in Kecskemét
Down to Earth in Kecskemét
Medieval Mood in the Morning in Sighișoara
Fashion Catwalk
Calvin Klein
Szegedin Goulash, Mămăligă and Farmer's Ciorbă in Negreni
Spaghetti Syndrome in Cluj-Napoca
Lonesome Bike in Budapest
Lonesome Beggar in Bucharest

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