18 August 2018

It's Hard Not to Fall in Love with Odessa (Odessa, 2971 km)

(Odessa, 14.08.2018 - 16.08.2018) Both the air of the town and the sense of life changed tremendously from Kiev to Odessa. Be it the status of Odessa as Black Sea port city with an outstanding rich tradition or the cultural contribution of its different ethnic groups, particularly the significant one of the Jewish population, in any case it's hard not to fall in love with Odessa. Even a casual walk (or a ride) through the old town proves this assertion; mine took me just one block around the office of my shipping agent on 4A Sabansky Lane.

Ten photos and the last one above, looked at more closely, shows you already my next destination. Did you spot it? Never mind! Just join me and don't worry about seasickness!

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