28 July 2012

Bukovina Underground and Maramureș Underworld in... (Baia Mare - 5681 km)

(Baia Mare, 26.07.2012 - 28.07.2012) Before leaving Bukovina, bound for Germany and the Netherlands, let's go down the 220 stairs and down from 35°C/95°F to 10°C/50°F into the underground of the Salt Mine Cacica. The exploitation of the mine, located between Rădăuți and Gura Humorului started in the year 1798 and was effected primarly by Polish Catholic mineworkers from Galicia. For an entrance fee of less than three Dollars we are going to discover tunnels and galleries, a saline lake, an authentic ballroom and even a sports ground.

There is an altitude difference of 75 meters and a distance of 278 kilometers between Bukovina underground and Maramures underworld in Baia Mare. You assume that the building in the foreground is an abandoned burned-out property and that the people, most of them gypsies, are living in the renovated one?

No way! The renovated one is private owned, while the apparently burned-out building is in the ownership of the municipality and is totally let. What about the burn marks? Without heatings, the tenants were/are forced to use each and any available combustible material. So they did. Even under Romanian circumstances, these housing conditions are most deplorable and a declaration of - social - bankruptcy!

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