16 October 2013

Meet the Wild East and Bronislav Tutelman in... (Czernowitz - 3939 km)

(Czernowitz, 14.10.2013) No, there is no typo in the post title, it's just the individual spelling used by Bronislav Tutelman for his inscription in the art book, which I received as a gift. The word coining with Russian, Romanian and German elements illustrates perfectly the turn of eras for a Czernowitzer Jew.

Bronislav Tutelman dedicated his art book in commemoration of his parents and of his relatives perished during the Holocaust.

Tourists or art collegues from abroad, who are visiting Czernowitz, as for instance Bernadette Huber from Austria, state: "Bronislav Tutelman, a Jew, an artist, a vodka drinker, a child of this city, speaks of The Future."
That's all correct, but that's by far not all. Bronislav Tutelman is first of all a מענטש [mentsh], in the full sense of this Yiddish term, sensitive, warm-hearted and brilliant.

Later in that day, in Bronislav's large apartment with the spectacular balcony, just round the corner Herrengasse, the filling level of the Vodka bottle - see above - didn't remain the same, but that's another story...

In May 2012 I've released under the headline Meet the Wild East an interview with Borislav Tutelman, videotaped at the Jewish Cemetery and in the Jewish quater of Czernowitz, cut from the Austrian documentary of the same name.

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