15 September 2018

Photo Finish and Balance Sheet in Rheinberg (9,115 km)

Distance: 9,115 kilometers = 5,664 miles
Route by motorcycle: 7,398 km = 4,597 miles
Route by ferry boat: 1,062 km = 660 miles
Route by railroad: 655 km = 407 miles
Travel period: 02.08.2018 - 12.09.2018 = 42 days
Difference in temperature: 11°C=52°F (Bukovel) / 39°C=102°F (Istanbul)
Photos: about 2,500
Traffic tickets: US$ 10.00 (see Bakshish)
Major problem: ghost driver coming up ahead between Lublin and Chelm
Bakshish: US$ 10.00 (see Traffic tickets)
Travel expenses: affordable
Personal meetings: innumerable
Experiences: priceless

Stages (19 stages = 9,115 km = 42 days)

Photographic Supplement

Architectonic Contrasts in Warsaw
Bukovinian Sportsmanship in Warsaw
Shopping Experience with Dictator in Odessa
Shopping Experience with Nude in Odessa
Mortuary Car to Rent in Batumi
Shopping Experience in Anatolia
Gas Station with Mosque or Vice Versa in Anatolia
Potemkin Police Patrol in Turkey
Twilight in Istanbul
Night Shopping in Istanbul
Fish Market in Istanbul
Bye-Bye, Orient!

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NorskViking said...


Once again you have enthralled us with your travels & adventures. I enjoy your sense of humor, your photos, and your many personal insights. As you say --- priceless.